Jason wants to fill a cylindrical water tank to its full capacity. He knows that the volume of the tank is equal to the product of pi, the square of the radius of the tank, and the height of the tank. Jason measured the height of the tank and found it to be 15 feet. He also measured the radius of the cylindrical tank and found it to be 10 feet.If V represents the volume of the cylindrical tank, then which of the following equations can be used to calculate the volume of the tank?

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answer is B ⇒ [tex]\sqrt{\frac{V}{15\pi }}=10[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:∵ v = π r² h∴ r² = [tex]\frac{V}{\pi h }[/tex]∴ r = [tex]\sqrt{\frac{V}{\pi h}}[/tex]∵ r = 10 ft and h = 15 ft∴ [tex]10=\sqrt{\frac{V}{15\pi } }[/tex]