A ball is thrown at an initial height of 7 feet with an initial upward velocity at 27 ft/s. The balls height h (in feet) after t seconds is give by the following. h- 7 27t -16t^2 Find the values of t if the balls height is 17ft. Round your answer(s) to the nearest hundredth

Accepted Solution

Answer:The height of ball is 17 ft at t=0.55 and t=1.14.Step-by-step explanation:The general projectile motion is defined as[tex]y=-16t^2+vt+y_0[/tex]Where, v is initial velocity and yβ‚€ is initial height.It is given that the initial height is 7 and the initial upward velocity is 27.Substitute v=27 and yβ‚€=7 in the above equation to find the model for height of the ball.[tex]h(t)=-16t^2+27t+7[/tex]The height of ball is 17 ft. Put h(t)=17.[tex]17=-16t^2+27t+7[/tex][tex]0=-16t^2+27t-10[/tex]On solving this equation using graphing calculator we get[tex]t=0.549,1.139[/tex][tex]t\approx 0.55,1.14[/tex]Therefore the height of ball is 17 ft at t=0.55 and t=1.14.