food a baker sells bread for $3 a loaf and rolls for $1 each. the baker needs to sell $24 worth of baked goods by the end of the day.write a linear equation that describes the problemgraph the linear equation. make sure to label both axes with appropriate titles.use the graph to approximate how many loaves of bread the baker must sell if 12 rolls are sold.

Accepted Solution

Answer:[tex]3x+y=24[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:Let the loaves sold be [tex]x[/tex] and rolls sold be  [tex]y[/tex].Given:Cost for 1 loaf of bread = $3∴ Cost of [tex]x[/tex] loaves of bread = [tex]3x[/tex]Cost of 1 roll of bread = $1∴ Cost of [tex]y[/tex] rolls = [tex]1y[/tex]Total cost of the baked goods = $24Therefore, as per question,[tex]3x+1y=24\\3x+y=24[/tex]Now, the graph is shown below.The vertical axis represent the rolls sold and the horizontal axis represent the loaves sold.Draw a horizontal line from 12 mark on the vertical axis to the given line to meet at point A. Now, from point A, draw a vertical line to meet the horizontal axis at point B. Point B is the number of loaves sold. From the graph, loaves sold are 4 when rolls sold are 12.